As with any organization that strives for excellence there has to be a road map - a set of guidelines, policies and procedures to keep the integrity of the group thriving.

The Champions Club has a very strict Code of Conduct that must be adhered to by all members.

The code of conduct is here it place a bench mark of excellence, mutual support and expectation inherent in you and your fellow members. These codes of conduct are immutable and shall be adhered to by all members. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of your membership and banishment in all Champions Club activities.


  • Mutual Respect - Every member is on their own personal path. Every one has a different set of circumstances, challenges and experiences that must be honored. Always respect your fellow members for where they were, where they are and where they are going.


  • Impeccable Trust - Whether in person or online, what goes on in The Champions Club stays there! The door represents the filter and must never be breached.


No matter what is said, it stays with us. This is the core of our “Code” if you will. The private messages, forums, and community groups within the website are also sacred territory. Unless given permission all communication is considered private. Many of your members are dealing with a lot of pain, loss and pent up emotion from years of conditioning. The dialogues and expression can be very raw. We are providing a safe environment for authentic expression. Betrayal of this trust is strictly prohibited.


  • Drugs and or Alcohol - The monthly meetings are “Social Nights”, special celebrations and functions where alcohol is severed. There will be fine wines and libations served. However, If you do indulge, moderation and a strict designated driver policy is enforced. Drug abuse of any kind is strictly prohibited within the parameters of The Champions Club. We are here to be respectable and as such must see ourselves as capable of so much more. If you have a drug and/or alcohol problem or are in a 12 - Step program, please contact us in person so we may best support you with your sobriety and desire to stay clean. We’ve got your back.


  • Discrimination - Every member of The Champions Club is your family regardless of colour, religion, political views, sexual orientation or income level. Every member has the right and privilege to be a part of this global movement. Any hate, racism, discrimination or bigotry either expressed verbally or in writing on the website, through text, email, audio or video is strictly prohibited. This is includes all aspects of expression and generalizations towards targeted groups, women and/or persons. Any breach of this code will result in immediate removal of your membership and a life-time ban enforced.


A disclaimer: There may be members that are processing through the pain of holding hate, judgement and discrimination inside. Under the context of healing, then the expression of these values may be necessary and they must be honored for what they are...inner pain. In this context this is the only time such expression is permitted. 


  • Women - As much at The Champions Club members are primarily men, women are very welcome. The Champions Club does not exclude women. However, The Champions Club marketing is targeted to predominately male demographic.  We invite high-achieving women that want to play a bigger game and enjoy the benefits of what the Champions Club Premier Mastermind can do for them. 


  • Monthly Masterminds - As a Champions Club Member your presence at your Mastermind is mandatory as part of your membership. If you are unable to attend you must provide at least 24 hours notice. It is understood that life often gets in the way and your ability to be present is a challenge. However, as a member you must make time for what truly matters to you for your greatest growth and upliftment. Your fellow members are counting on you too for your support and friendship. If you cannot attend you must inform a Member to give your Check-In on your behalf. Failure to attend for 3 consecutive meetings without a valid reason will result in a review of your membership. If you miss 4 sessions your membership will be terminated without refund and you'll have to submit a new application.


  • Champions Club Manual - You will be required to bring your personal Manual to all Champions Club events. You will record and track your Take-Aways, Coaching calls, Weekly Declarations and progress to becoming The Champion you want to be. Your life’s worth writing about.


  • Dress Code - When you envision The Champion within, you notice that there's particular look that makes you feel confident and Remarkable. That’s the style we encourage you to wear. Dress one level above your peers. You are expected to up-level your style and personal brand. Business casual to full-on power suit works very well.


  • Meeting Protocol - As a member you are also a Champions Club Ambassador. Your role is to greet and engage each guest with kindness, compassion and honor. Make them feel at home and comfortable. As well, you are to conduct yourself as a Champion at each meeting. Off color jokes, or insensitive expression is not permitted.


  • Membership Fees and Dues - You are to pay your enrolment fee in full or a predetermined financial arrangement prior to receiving your membership and membership resources. Failure to pay your enrolment fee(s) in the time agreed upon will result in the postponement or termination of your membership.

Dues are paid once a month or can be paid in full for the year. The preferred method is via credit card or on this site. You may also pay monthly dues in cash and Interact Email Transfer. If you choose this option you must be responsible for paying your dues in a timely fashion. Failure to keep your monthly dues current for 3 consecutive months will change your memberships status to “Inactive”.


  • Inviting Members - By becoming a member in The Champions Club indicates that you have experienced something that is truly hits home for you. Something that appeals to the person you are and where you want to go. We want you to think about the people in your sphere of influence that could benefit from what you have found. Do  keep your membership in The Champions Club a well kept secret. Speak of it only to those that could benefit from it and add value to it.  We are only as strong as our last member so constant growth is key. Each member is encouraged and expected to invite at least 5 guests within a calendar year. We are the sum total of the people we associate with. Please consider this when you choose the future Champions you wish to bring. They must want to grow and play a bigger game.


  • Soliciting - The Champions Club is a networking organization and as such, promoting and marketing your business is encouraged. However, there are members that may be vulnerable and at a place in life where they could be “easy pickings”. If you offer a product or service you must be adhere to a strict code of compassion. You may express what is you do in the meetings and online, however you are not allowed to “Prey” upon those you just met. You must display tact and understanding. Get to know your fellow members, build trust and connection before you put on your marketing hat. Make it about them first. If your sole purpose to join The Champions Club was to generate business for yourself you will be warned! You are missing out on the main purpose as to why we are here. Go deeper and look within. When you do, the wealth you will amass will far exceed your business expectations. 

  • Travel - You are responsible for all travel expenses such as airfare and hotel rooms at Champions Club Secret Soirees, VIP Weekends, And Annual EVENTS. Your onsite activities and meals will be covered while in attendance at Champions Club meetings and events. 


If you are found in breach of this covenant, deceptive, dishonourable or malicious in any way, to your fellow members or in the community, your membership will be reviewed. If reparations or resolutions are not forth coming in a timely manner, your membership will be revoked.



You are about to step boldly into a secret society that will introduce you to the best friendships and support you could ever ask for. Those that truly get where you are at in life and honour you deeply for where you are going. With that comes a trust and sense of honor very few can give or experience. Abide by the Code of Conduct and be the Champion you know you are capable of.

The Code Of Conduct

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